Accidents that need emergency dental services!


In Canada, emergency dental appointments for various dental conditions are on the rise. With proper and regular dental care, several dental emergencies can be eliminated. Furthermore, a leading Dentist in Toronto suggests that the patient has to take advanced precautions and care to avoid emergency dental situations. If you wish to find out more about kinds of accidents that need dental services and how to avoid them in the future, then you should continue reading.

  • Knocked out tooth: It may not look like a serious condition. It is one of the common accidents that need emergency dental services. During the situation like a knocked-out tooth, fast action has to be taken. It means you have to fix the tooth within an hour. There is no requirement to panic if you are finding the tooth in a different location or completely dislocated. Most dentists suggest fixing the tooth in quick time to improve its survival chances.

What you should do?

If you are experiencing this situation, you have to first contact your dentist and fix a dental emergency appointment instantly. Then, you have to clean the broken tooth and see to that it is moist. When you are dealing with a disordered tooth, you have to be very careful. Teeth that are moved by the root have chances to suffer from injured cells and it becomes more challenging to reattach. Pick the tooth and rinse it in water to clear debris and dirt.

Do not scrub the tooth. Dislocated teeth usually suffer due to periodontal ligament tissue repairs. There are chances of extra tissue damage because of scrubbing. After cleaning, keep it in your mouth to maintain them moist. If possible, you can store it in a solution to maintain it fresh till you meet the dentist.

  • Tooth fracture: Another situation that needs immediate emergency dental care is tooth fracture. It is common and has chances to result in broken, chipped, or cracked teeth. Due to several reasons, these accidents occur. If the patient has poor oral health or when the accident hardly affects the tooth, tooth fracture happens. It can range in the form of a painful fracture or painless minor chip causing severe tissue damage. No matter if it is severe or not, it requires immediate or emergency dental services.
    What you should do?

After calling the dentist and fixing an appointment, you have to rinse the mouth using warm water. It helps in reducing the swelling. If possible, put an ice pack at the infected area to stop additional swelling. If the pain is severe, you can take ibuprofen. Take the right dosage and follow the instructions as mentioned in the medication label.

Dental emergencies happen any time and it cannot be completely avoided. When you take additional oral care, there are chances to prevent certain emergency situations or you do not have to rush to the dentist’s office. Flossing and brushing regularly helps in a great way in avoiding dental emergencies. Also, visit your dentist once or twice in a year for maintaining your oral health.