Dentophobia- Causes and Prevention


Dentophobia is a common phobia among people of many ages. Most people have a fear of visiting a dentist as a result of which they put off periodic visits to them unless the problem is too severe. The fact is that routine dental checkups are mandatory if you want to keep away from cavities and other oral issues. However, oral treatments are now more effective and painless because of the use of sedation. The use of sedation during a surgical procedure is helping people to overcome their fear and anxiety for operations. The highly skilled professionals of Fairlawn Dental Care ensure painless treatments for maintaining a beautiful smile. By going through the Full List Here, you will get to know about the various services that they offer.

Sedation – a solution for painless treatments
The various types of sedation include oral, inhaled such as nitrous oxide, general anesthesia or IV sedation. The level of sedation given to a person depends on their requirements and the kind of treatment they have opted for. If oral surgery makes you nervous, then let me tell you are not the only ones. Almost 15% of adults avoid seeing a dentist because of anxiety or fear. As a result of which, the number of people having an oral infection, oral cancer and tooth loss is increasing with time.

Common causes of fear and anxiety
Most people grow the fear of visiting a dentist due to painful memories from the treatments received in the past. However, there are some other reasons too that keep people away from a dental checkup. While some patients become a little nervous during the pre-procedure period, others become completely horrified that dental treatment will be unbearable or possibly go wrong. The good news is that sedation dentistry has eliminated all the possibility of painful surgeries.

Impacts of using sedatives during dental procedures
A painkiller can also be very useful in helping people endure the sound, smell, and sights of the dental care office. Drill noises, antiseptic odors, and bright lights at the dental clinic can trigger the feeling of anxiety and fear. It enables patients to keep calm and makes them feel comfortable.

Sedations also allow orthodontists to perform various procedures in one visit as the patient does not feel any pain during the treatment. When the patient is under the influence of potent sedatives, they do not move all around the chair when the dentist is trying to execute the therapy. It makes the procedure easy for the dental surgeon as well as the patient. Thus, completing the entire process does not require multiple visits, which also reduces the overall cost of the treatment.

IV sedation- a preventive measure
When a patient is under IV sedation, they hardly remember anything regarding the treatment. They keep dozing throughout the process and will only wake up when the surgery is complete. It can be an ideal solution for people who have had painful memories from their past dental procedures. Such sedatives can be used in adults, teens as well as children. The modern methods of treatments guarantee a successful, painless oral therapy for every individual who requires it.